Podcasts I Recommend to my Christian Friends

Some of my blogposts are simply places where I can keep copies of links and content, so as to point others to them. I am doing that here, but putting down a few podcasts that I have appreciated. I will build this list over time. If you think there is a super important podcast please respond. Context matters —> I swim in a small rivulet of the larger evangelical river. While I am aware of the non-evangelical context of Christianity, many of the people I cross paths with and minister to are still in the evangelical world. So I’m thinking about them as I compile this list.

THINK BIBLICALLY. When I was a philosophy student at Biola, I got to know Scott Rea and was his TA for a few semesters. I grew to appreciate him as an ethicist and as an individual. He makes a great team with Sean McDowell (son of famed apologist Josh McDowell). I like this podcast because it has a fresh inflow of ethics related issues addressed from a Christian perspective that many of the folks that I minister to would inhabit. The podcast format is basically one of inviting book authors on to give a quick overview of their work, or a key part of their work.

Scott Rae and Sean McDowell (image from www.seanmcdowell.org)

CREDO PODCAST – Credo magazine is a rich online magazine focused on reformed and classical theology, edited in a way that is ideal for pastors and church readers. The podcast—hosted by Dr. Matthew Barrett— is much of the same in audio. Many evangelical churches desperately need to re-visit and learn-for-the-first-time the theological foundations that they’ve known only through “statements of faith” and lists of associated verses.

Matthew Barrett at the mic.

CAPTURING CHRISTIANITY – Cameron Bertuzzi’s YouTube podcast caught my attention during the 2019 COVID pandemic. It’s been around longer than that but I feel like it really hit its stride. Cameron’s podcast may be too advanced for some viewers. However (like Parker’s podcast below) Cameron has one some of the brightest and most important voices in philosophical theology. If you are looking for high octane thought (some of this content easily strays into the advanced graduate level) – for and against Christianity – this channel is for you. Sometimes the show has debates, but frequently singular interviews with scholars on their research.

Cameron interviewing Dr. Joshua Sijuwade on a new argument for God’s existence.

PARKER’S PENSEES – Parker’s video blog certainly hit its stride during 2019-2021 in my opinion. It is much like Cameron’s in content above. Seriously high level philosophy, theology, and so on here. Parker does the occasional Jordan Peterson, or athletic video. The average Christian in the pew may struggle to keep up with the level of content on Cameron and Parker’s shows. However, an awareness and consumption of this kind of content is—in my opinion—vital for the church right now. Much of what Christians consume is re-hashed and, sad to say, shallow. Parker’s podcast will change that.

Parker and Joe Schmid discussing abstract objects (platonism vs divine conceptualism)

BIBLE PROJECT – Many of you have, by now, seen a Bible Project video. The site has two different resources: (1) some of the most artful Biblical-Theological videos, and (2) a more advanced podcast where the directors discuss the concepts/work behind the videos. I would recommend folks start with their creative/artistic videos on Biblical/Theological concepts before on to the podcast. Some of the concepts presented in the videos may be new, just because some readers have no experience with original languages, Ancient Near Eastern cultural background of the Old Testament, and so on. Still, the biblical-theological videos and discussions are a thought provoking addition to our Biblical studies resources.

UPLOOK MINISTRIES – when you listen to Uplook you’ll immediately pick up the difference between some of the sites on this page. If I can use older language, Uplook will likely “feed your soul” more than any of the other resources on this page. The contrast between what you find here, where Jabe Nicholson applies the scriptures in a simple and deeply devotional way, and something like Capturing Christianity, will be a stark contrast. That isn’t accident. The Christian faith is deep and wide. Anyone who has read John’s Gospel knows there is a simplicity to it and a profundity to it. Christ’s followers need both. I suggest you regularly turn to Uplook for a daily thought. Jabe will always take you to the scriptures. Uplook also has a website at www.uplook.org. There are many additional resources there.

Jabe Nicholson giving a talk for Uplook.

THINKING FELLOWS podcast. This is a podcast I listen to infrequently. However, these guys are steeped in Lutheran history and theology. If you go back to their earliest podcasts, you will find some rich discussions about Martin Luther, Phillipp Melanchthon, and the development of protestant Christianity following the reformation. For many evangelicals, this history is quite new to them (aside from the basic contours of the reformation). I believe it is also helpful to hear the reformation story from different perspectives. The Lutheran perspective is certain one of them.

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