Website Design & Development

A few of the many websites I’ve built .

Theology.News is a site that aggregates theological journal publications into one place. Two of us manually post news about calls for papers, deaths, appointments, conferences that affect the theology world. All postings are sent out to Twitter and Facebook. The idea was that of Fred Sanders (theology professor at Biola University). I created the site to fit his preferences along with input from a fellow PhD student (now Dr. Chris Woznicki). Chris and I still keep the site updated with news.

e-learningn platform. Bible.Institute is a project I am working on as of 2020. It is an online learning platform for teachers of plymouth brethren churches to be able to create and host online courses for learners in our network of churches throughout the U.S., Canada, and wider community.

Brethren Assembly National Database

After decades of using a paper based directory, I took the initiative to create a web based directory of 1300 plymouth brethren assemblies in the U.S/Canada, along with 500+ full time ministers, 70 camps and 60+ ministries. I build the database completely using the powerful platform. Users can create their own accounts, take responsibility for an entry and update it in the database themselves. Currently people all over North America use the database. You can access the database by CLICKING HERE. was my attempt to put a little something online related to Analytic Theology. I was given permission by William J Abraham to put his printed AT Bibliography online (2012 publication) and even to update it if I wanted. The site was not updated much after its initial setup, but it had some basic links to AT resources. ecommerce and sales website. During the 2009-2012 I did substantial work for – an IT security and ethical hacking education company. I moved their website from a standard html to a Joomla based CMS platform. I also created an e-commerce system for them. I helped record courses for them and put them online in a digital download format. I also created an online exam system for them which was integrated with their ecommerce cart.

Breaking the mold for the sake of useability.

One of my first attempts at web design was to create a site for the non profit Assembly Care Ministries Inc. Today this looks cluttered. But back in 2008 I wanted to create a site that broke away from drop down text based menus. This was all the user saw; ten large buttons representing the major tools our non profit offered. There was nothing else on the screen. The user picked the tool they wanted and off they went.

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