Visualizations and Diagrams

I love creating visualizations and diagrams to explain complex concepts in visual formats. Below are a few of my attempts!

This is a visualization of my understanding of the sources of theology. The outer edges of the image represent the external world while the dot in the center is the individual with her theological beliefs. The wave shaped curves represent interpretation of the sources of theology.

This is a visual model designed to represent three aspects of realism in epistemology. This was designed to portray the diversity of realisms for my dissertation on critical realism and analytic theology.

This is a simple diagram designed to put together aspects of the doctrine of divine providence. It formed part of a larger set of messages on divine providence, foreknowledge and human freedom.

Here is a visualization I created for a telemedicine intake and triage/treatment plan. This was for the telemedicine program I helped Assembly Care Start. The actual plan itself was created by Steve Price M.D. with input from Caleb Trent M.D. and Dr. Esther Brew.
This is an attempt to put the major Biblical covenants together on one diagram. In the course of six or more lessons and 100+ slides I build the diagram beginning from the central black timeline of history… adding covenants from top to bottom. The diagram is created from a pre mil perspective but it could easily be used for other perspectives.

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