Graphic Work

Here are a few logos that I’ve created.

Distance Bible Institute is a project designed to provide a platform for teachers in the international Plymouth Brethren church network to create courses which are then available to people in their own local churches and other. The design is a simple one, with a cloud representing cloud hosted learning.

The spiral nautilus shape represents infinity; God’s infinite nature inspires but also outstrips the efforts of theologian. The segmented pieces represent the fact that in theology multiple persons contribute to this effort. (After sharing the idea around, one student thought that the image looked like a spiral staircase going upwards. A welcome metaphor. The colors and style were selected in coordination with Fred Sanders as we worked on the style of the website. He chose the tagline.

The TPS logo design was intended to have seriousness to it. Something that captured an academic group. After some research I discovered that the group was started in 2004; thus the date. Philosophy is learned largely through books and so the book is center stage. The book ribbon doubles as a pathway that we go on. We begin with community, and journey together towards truth (veritas) and virtue (virtus). These three words make up the motto of TPS. The ultimate goal, portrayed by the sun on the horizon is the light of truth and ultimately hints at Christ as the light of the world.

Redesign of the TPS handbook for incoming philosophy students. This was done solely in Word so that future students could easily modify. The design takes into consideration not only looks but future users desire to work with the product.

ACM was originally started to provide Christian ministers with health care coverage. The umbrella symbolizes insurance and medical coverage but it also doubles as the sun rising behind the hillside. The idea includes coverage despite a variety of contexts and locations of the ministers.

An attempt to draw Dr. Luther. (2018)

A drawing competition with my 5th grade daughter (2017).

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